New Intercity Fleet



Transport for NSW is procuring a new fleet of long distance intercity trains providing services from Sydney to Newcastle, Lithgow and Kiama. The $2.8B New Intercity Fleet Project includes the construction of a dedicated maintenance facility at Kangy Angy (north of Sydney) and a program of enabling works at stations and stabling yards to facilitate the introduction of the new trains. The project will deliver the following key benefits:

+ Modern energy efficient trains with improved reliability and improved customer amenity
+ Two by two seating layout with wider more spacious seats fitted with arm rests
+ Charging stations at each seat, digital screens, air conditioning, CCTV and passenger intercoms
+ Dedicated space for luggage, prams, bicycles and wheelchairs, plus accessible toilets


CWG is delivering the following services for its client Rail Program Delivery:

+ Review New Intercity Fleet requirements including stabling, tanking, decant and access to crew facilities required to support the standard working timetable.
+ Review design documentation. Facilitate internal SME review and responses focussing on resolution of identified impacts to the standard working timetable.
+ Review traction power supply analysis and preparations. Chair the NIF Power Study Working Group. Liaise with external stakeholders to support required investigations and modelling. Manage risk analysis and safety assurance to resolve identified issues.
+ Review route clearance design for the Ten Tunnels Deviation and drive analysis of alternative construction options to assure delivery with minimal service disruption.
+ Develop enabling works designs for stabling yards to ensure standard working timetable requirements are maintained through a value engineering approach.
+ Develop successful stakeholder management strategies and plans. Chair collaborative interagency stakeholder working groups.